Hi. I'm Maho. 

Today, I'm asking for your help to support for my upcoming show: 


Japanese Gesture Archive - Tea Ceremony


The Japanese Gesture Archive - Tea Ceremony explores the relationships between individuality and formality through the Japanese Tea Ceremony. The gestures and elements in the Japanese Tea Ceremony will be remixed as choreographic material to recreate our current Tea Ceremony, assessing the meanings of each gesture and the act of offering and receiving.



Your donation will cover costs of this performance, including -

・artist fee (3 performers, sound artist from Japan, costume/prop designer, photographer, videographer, production manager) 

・rehearsal / creation studio rental fee (42 hours of studio rehearsals)

・production costs (props, costumes, tea, sweets for the ceremony)


The performance is on 10/7/2022 at 7:30PM at the Invisible Dog Art Center as part of Nafas exhibition.


I came to New York to be a part of the most exciting contemporary art scene, and your support will be an enormous help to me as a striving Japanese artist in New York, especially after COVID-19.

My mission is to create movement artworks connected to embodied Asian gesture, in the multicultural context of New York. I will be so grateful to make the future with you.


You can donate to this project through my Venmo account or Zelle (suisomovement@gmail.com/ 917-932-5606.)

Thank you  so much  for your support.