6)Center of gravity (catalog no. 68~83)

 [body as one container] ~身体を一つとして考えた場合


68-1. move plumb line towards stated directions (spacial directions) in feet parallel position. 






70-3. circles- inside of feet- distance / outside of feet-distance

 重心点で円を描く- 重心点が脚の裏の範囲内/ 範囲外 で円を描く


71-4. move center of gravity point outside of feet and move the body toward the fulcrum. (off balance and catching the balance) 



72-5. move plumb line with having variations on feet position. 

72-   5-1. move plumb line  in internal feet position


73-   5-2. move plumb line  in external feet position


74-  5-3. move plumb line in wider  feet position


75   5-4.move plumb line bending knees. 


76   5-5.  move plumb line  in rising heels up. 


77   5-6. move plumb line  in wide feet distance position 


78   5-7. move plumb line on one foot (raising the other leg up). 



79-6. round the Center of Gravity in a corn shape(having a fixed fulcrum/supporting point) .



80-7. move Center of Gravity using the weight of the head



81-8.move plumb line vertically towards each directions



 [body as consists of divided each parts of the body] ~身体を分断して考えた場合

82-9. move both the Center of Gravity(supporting point) and the plumb line at the same time or alternatively. 



83-10. move your arm and shift the Center of the Gravity along the fulcrum point of your arm.