Minimum Movement catalog

 Minimum Movement Catalog (MMC) arose from a search for my personal dance vocabulary.  


Growing up studying classical ballet in Japan, I felt confused between that European dance education and my indigenous body language and cultural background as a Japanese person. In order to work through my confusion and discover dancing that felt more like myself, I assembled movement elements that interested me, broke them down into their most fundamental components, and catalogued them. Thus arose the MMC, a list of simple movement units within six categories and eight spatial directions that can be selected, combined, and executed as choreography.


There are no central forms, rules, or main phrases for a choreography in MMC. It aims to challenge the hierarchies in the movement language in choreography and analyze relationships between a body and texts, time, space, and choreographic process. On this website you can read catalog selection ideas and movement combination ideas. Those ideas are for the purpose of selecting and combining movements with the intention of eliminating subjective judgements and highlighting intuitive decisions. 


MMC is an ongoing study that will never be completed ― the nature of the “language” is a product of time, environment, and my own continuous development as a mover. Therefore, the catalog will never be completed but only evolves through use by redefinition, change, elimination, and addition. 


― Maho Ogawa  


artist talk on Minimum Movement  Catalog