Artist's Biography


Maho Ogawa / Movement Artist 


Maho Ogawa is a New York based movement artist originally from Japan. With background of ballet, traditional Japanese dance, and Butoh, she relocated to the U.S. in 2011. Her works have been shown in Asia at Raft (Tokyo), Korea & Japan Dance Festival (Seoul), Za Koenji (Tokyo), Whenever Wherever Dance Festival (Tokyo), Tokyo Culture Creation Project (Tokyo), and at various NY venues including Dance New Amsterdam, Soak Festival / Cave, The CURRENT SESSIONS, Spring Movement and Performance Studio Open House at Center for Performance Research, Movement Research at the Judson Church, Chez Bushwick, Gibney Dance, Domestic Performance Agency, Dixon Place, Industry City Distillery, and New York University Grey Gallery.  Ogawa is a recipient of  a Suginami ward grant (Japan) and a Tokyo Metropolitan Government grant (Japan).  As a performer she has appeared in Sengiku Bando, Laura Neese, Athena Kokoronis, Mina Nishimura, and Abigail Levine's works. She holds a B.A. in Representational Studies from Wako University in Tokyo, Japan. 




これまでに、東京では RAFT、d-倉庫、座•高円寺、森下スタジオ、Whenever Wherever Festival,  韓国では Korea & Japan Dance Festival in Seoul/Theater Zero,  また NYでは Dance New Amsterdam Theater,  Cave , New York University, Center for Performance Research, The Current Sessions,  Chez Bushwick,  Gibney Dance,  Domestic Performance Agency, Movement Research at the Judson Church などで作品を発表。

 ダンス作品の芸術性と同等に、ダンスと社会との関わり方に興味を持ち、2年間に渡るシリーズ公演(Homage to [a] Life 2008~2010)や、小学校やカフェでの創作ワークショップ([桃が丘小学校GRID])、サイトスペシフィックダンス(アサヒアートスクエア[GRID on GRID 2011])、自分の振付カタログを作る為のビデオ文章ダンス作品 ‘Minimum Movement Catalog’  、人間のふるまいをテーマにしたw.s. 作品「23世紀のふるまい」(カンパニーふるまい:としまアートステーション構想)など、劇場内にとどまらないダンス表現を多数行っている。 


Performances of my own choreographies;

2018 Movement Research at the Judson Church , NY 

2017 PSOH at Center For Performance Research , NY

2016 Resident Artist at Domestic Performance Agency, NY  

2015 Performance at  the exhibition 'For A New World To Come' at New York University Grey Art Gallery , NY

2015 Spring Movement at Center for Performance Research  , NY

2013 Toshima no Furumai 「としまのふるまい」w.s.+showing (東京都文化発信プロジェクト), Tokyo

2012~2013 Resident Artist at Leimey Cave, Brooklyn, NY,  

2010&2011&2013  Whenever Wherever Dance Festival, Tokyo

2010 Suginami ward grant recipient, Tokyo      

2007 Korea & Japan Dance Festival, Seoul


Choreographers I worked for as a performer : 

2018 Abigail Levine at Fridman Gallery, NY

2018 Athena Kokoronis at the Kitchen, NY

2018 Mina Nishimura at Danspace Project, NY  

2016 Laura Neese at Lumen Festival, NY


Worked as the selection Panels 

2018 Spring Movement at Center for Performance Research, NY 


Facilitating Creative Movement Workshops  : 

2015 Creative Movement Workshop at OMPT NY

2014 Movement Workshop at Gyrotonic Kamakura  

2014 Spiral Movement Workshop らせんでつながるワークショプ in NY at Cave, Brooklyn

2013 Creative Body Workshop からだワークショップ @ としまのふるまいプロジェクト,Tokyo, Japan

2012 Unnamable Movement Workshop 名づけることのできないワークショップ@Raft, Tokyo