photo by  Ron Nicolaysen
photo by Ron Nicolaysen

 Maho Ogawa / Multidisciplinary Artist 


Maho Ogawa is a New York based multidisciplinary movement artist who uses body movement, text instructions, and computer software to discover how relationships and the environment affect individual bodies consciously and subconsciously. Originally from Japan with a background of ballet, traditional Japanese dance, and Butoh, she relocated to the U.S. in 2011. Her works span from choreography, Choreographic Tools made from computer software, a web application Movement Catalog, to archives on human movement. Her works have been shown in Asia at Korea & Japan Dance Festival (Seoul), Za Koenji (Tokyo), Whenever Wherever Dance Festival (Tokyo), Tokyo Culture Creation Project (Tokyo), and at various NY venues including Cave, Center for Performance Research, Movement Research at the Judson Church, Domestic Performance Agency, Dixon Place, WhiteBox Gallery, NYU Grey Art Gallery, Umwelt Gallery, Snug Harbor Cultural Center, Invisible Dog Art Center, and Emily Harvey Foundation. Ogawa participated in art residency programs including LEIMAY Fellowship, LiftOff at New Dance Alliance, Mount Tremper Art as a writer in residence for Kota Yamazaki & Mina Nishimura, and received art grants from Foundation for Contemporary Arts, Abrons Arts Center, and Arts Council Tokyo, etc. As a performer she has worked for Athena Kokoronis, Mina Nishimura, Andrea Haenggi, Clarinda Mac Low, Ursula Eagly, and Abigail Levine's works, and many collaborations with cross-genre artists such as Elliott Sharp, John Jannone, Dafna Naphtali, Tomoko Hojo, Katherine Chung (computer programmer) etc. She holds an M.F.A. in Performance and Interactive Media Arts from Brooklyn College, and is a 2023 Associated Artist at the Culture Push. I.G.@suisomaho Twitter@mahodance_bklyn





これまでに、東京では RAFT、d-倉庫、座•高円寺、森下スタジオ、Whenever Wherever Festival,  韓国では Korea & Japan Dance Festival in Seoul/Theater Zero,  また NYでは Dance New Amsterdam Theater,  Cave , New York University, Brooklyn College, Center for Performance Research, The Current Sessions,  Chez Bushwick,  Gibney Dance,  Domestic Performance Agency, Movement Research at the Judson Church, The Hive Art Community, WhiteBox Harlem, New York University Grey Gallery, Snug Harbor Cultural Center などで作品を発表。アートレジデンシープログラムは、LEIMAY Fellowship, LiftOff residency program at New Dance Alliance, また Mount Tremper Art にて山崎広太 & 西村美奈 さんの作品への writer in residence として参加。

 ダンス作品の芸術性と同等に、ダンスと社会との関わり方に興味を持ち、2年間に渡るシリーズ公演(Homage to [a] Life 2008~2010)や、小学校やカフェでの創作ワークショップ([桃が丘小学校GRID])、サイトスペシフィックダンス(アサヒアートスクエア[GRID on GRID 2011])、身体の動きに反応するKINECTという器具を使ってのJohn Jannoneさんとのコラボレーション振り付け作品 ’Minimum Movement Database', 自分の振付カタログを作る為のビデオ文章ダンス作品 ‘Minimum Movement Catalog’  、岸井大輔さんとのコラボレーション企画:人間のふるまいをテーマにしたw.s. 作品「23世紀のふるまい」(カンパニーふるまい:としまアートステーション構想)、小津安二郎の映画中の動きをNYのパフォーマーに振り付けるビデオ作品[Prosthetic Gestures from the nation called Japan]など、劇場内にとどまらないダンス表現を多数行っている。イベントオーガナイザー・キュレーターとして、ダンスイベント [東京ダンスカフェ]を今までに3回開催。パフォーマーとしては、日本では坂東扇菊先生、NYではアシーナ・ココロニスさん,西村未奈さん、アンドレア・ハエンギさん、クラリンダ・マックロウさん、アースラ・エイグリー、アビゲイル・レヴィーンさんなどのダンスアーティストの、NYの実験的なパフォーマンススペース(ダンスペースプロジェクト、キッチン、ガバナーズアイランド、イッシュープロジェクトルーム、アブロンズアートセンター etc)でのパフォーマンスに参加。ダンスワークショップやムーブメントクラスをN.Y.と東京で開催中。ニューヨーク市立ブルックリン大学大学院パフォーマンスインタラクティブメディアアート科修士課程修了。I.G.@suisomaho Twitter@mahodance_bklyn

Movement Archive:

2021 Minimum Movement Catalog 

2020 Prosthetic Gestures (from the nation called Japan)


Performances of choreographies :

2022 'Japanese Gesture Archive - Tea Ceremony' at The Invisible Dog Art Center, NY

2021 'Minimum Movement Dialogue #1' at Umwelt Gallery, live-streamed from NY

2020 'Minimum Movement Catalog #15' at WhiteBox Harlem, NY

2019 'Minimum Movement Catalog #14' at Lift Off Residency showing, NY 

2018 'Minimum Movement Catalog #13' at Movement Research at the Judson Church, NY 

2017 'Minimum Movement Catalog #12 Graphics' at Dixon Place,  NY

2017 'Minimum Movement Catalog #10' at Center for Performance Research, NY 

2016 'The Way of Drinking Hot Water' at Domestic Performance Agency, NY  

2015 'For A New World To Come' at New York University Grey Art Gallery, NY

2015 ’Minimum Movement Catalog #7' at Center for Performance Research,NY

2014 'Minimum Movement Catalog #3' at the wild project, NY 

2013 Toshima no Furumai としまのふるまい 東京都文化発信プロジェクト, Tokyo

2013 'Minimum Movement Catalog #3'  Leimey Cave, Brooklyn, NY,  

2010&2011&2013 'Grid with fingers and arms' at  Whenever Wherever Dance Festival, Tokyo

2010 'Grid' at Za Koenji, Tokyo

2007 'Melt' at the Korea & Japan Dance Festival, Seoul


Exhibition : 

2022 Minimum Movement Catalog, Women on MAKING, curated by Masa Hosojima, WhiteBox, NY

2022 Minimum Movement Catalog-solo exhibition, Umwelt gallery,  NY

2020 Minimum Movement Catalog, EXODUS V:Aesthetics in the Political

         curated by Kyoko Sato, WhiteBox Harlem, NY 

2020 Prosthetic Gestures from the nation called Japan, 'Traces of Life' 

         curated by Fang Yu Liu and Kathie Halfin, The Hive Art Community, NY


Residency Programs : 

2022 Creation support at the Emily Harvey Foundation, NY

2019 LiftOff residency program at New Dance Alliance, NY

2019 Mount Tremper Art, as a writer in residence for Kota Yamazaki & Mina Nishimura, NY

2016 Domestic Performance Agency,Residency, NY  

2013 Tokyo Creation Project Residency, Tokyo 

2013 LEIMAY Fellowship, NY


Performer credit : 

2021 Ursula Eagly 'The Nature of Physical Reality' at Abrons Arts Center, NY

2021 Clarinda Mac Low 'Sunk Shore' at Flushing Creek, NY 

2021 Andrea Haenggi 'Estuarial Council of the Weeds Hand Roll' at Governors Island, NY

2020 Abigail Levine / Alvin Lucier 'Orpheus Variations' at Issue Project Room, NY

2019 Abigail Levine 'Restagings No.3:Fall(C.A.)' at Fridman Gallery, NY

2018 Abigail Levine 'Restagings No.2:Of Serra (to movement)' at Fridman Gallery, NY

2018 Athena Kokoronis 'Domestic Performance Agency' at the Kitchen, NY

2018 Mina Nishimura at Danspace Project, NY  



2022 Dafna Naphtali at Women on MAKING

2021 Elliott Sharp, Matt Sullivan, Beatrice Antonie Martino, at 'From the viewpoint of "Making

2021 Dr. Katherine Y. Chuang for the web-application version of 'Minimum Movement Catalog'

2020 Brooklyn College's Art Department at the Public Engaging Art Project  'The Empathetic

         Origami Challenge

2015 John J.A.Jannone for 'Minimum Movement Database' at Industry City Distillery


Selection Panels 

2018  Spring Movement at Center for Performance Research, NY 

2007~2009  Tokyo Dance Cafe, Tokyo