video works

[Minimum Movement Catalog combination 1~4]

5min video work

2022 Maho Ogawa

[Minimum Movement  Catalog- Immersive]

6min Video work

2022 Maho Ogawa

[Prosthetic gestures (from the nation called Japan)] -1

This is a video archival work of 'nodding' choreography annotated from the movie 'Tokyo Story' (1953 Ozu Yasujiro)

Filmed and created in April - May 2020 in New York. 



Abigail Levine, Athena Kokoronis, David Romano, Deborah Latz, Demetries Morrow, Julia Miller, Jonathan Gonzalez, Laura Neese, Rudy Gerson, Tymberly Canale, Thea Little, Ursula Eagly, Zach Rothman-Hicks

[Interactive movement archive -Teachable Machine]


Maho Ogawa


This is an interactive movement archive that you can enact the gesture movement at home. 

1. Click [start] button ONCE and wait for 10 sec. Allow your camera on on your p.c. to try the Teachable Machine. WAIT for another 5 sec. Then read the instruction under your video.

2.After you see yourself on the screen, find three gestures you read under your face from the picture on the right. Pick one gesture and try in front of the camera.

For the standing bow, it's time for you to stand up, leaving the chair!

If you do it correctly you'll see the number next to the gesture name goes to 1.00.