Japanese Tea and Ritual Room—卯月Uzuki (April) was featured in Staff Picks no.42. Thank you so much!!



Japanese Tea and Ritual Room—卯月Uzuki (April): Maho Ogawa
April 19th - April 20th 2024


I had the great pleasure of seeing an earlier version of Maho Ogawa’s “Japanese Tea and Ritual Room” and delighted in its expansive participatory exploration of ceremony, which included haircuts, humming to oneself, and of course tea-making. Presented this weekend at Jack as an installation activated by performance, I’m excited to see where Ogawa is taking this work, and to breathe into its playful humor and its reverent quietude. Come through!


Staffer: Joshua Dumas



Web Magazine PUSH/PULL no.20

" a place where individuals become a whole - Japanese Tea and Everybody's Rituals" 


I was invited as a guest editor of the March 2024 issue of Culture Push's online magazine Push/Pull. It is published as a bilingual magazine about my research on rituals/ art / and Japanese Tea culture. 


今リサーチしているお茶/儀式/パフォーマンスアートをテーマに、責任編集しましたWeb マガジンが発行されました

インタビューにはNYで活躍されている Yoshitsugu Nagano さんに非常に充実したお話を伺いました



Jan. 1, 2021

The group exhibition Ogawa performed and exhibited 'Minimum Movement Catalog' in November 2020, 'Exodus V: Aesthetics in the Political' (curator Kyoko Sato),  is featured in the Japanese art magazine 'Gallery' in the interview with White Box curator Kyoko Sato. 


January 24, 2023



Thank you so much A Dash of Awkward / Lauren Campbell for the great article about my artistic practice and the latest performance, “The Japanese Gesture Archive - Tea Ceremony” at the Invisible Dog Art Center.


Read article here: A Dash of Awkward 

 2011 in Tokyo


 * Ogawa's Interview , Aug 2011 in Tokyo  (in English


 * 小川水素インタビュー 「何かを教わる為に作品を作る」 

    (2011 年8月 東京にて)   




2022 in New York 



Booklet for the Women On Making Exhibition at the WhiteBox gallery (10/3-23,2022)


With Zorica Colic, Kim Connerton, Wendy Miller, Maho Ogawa, Linda Mary Montano, Dafna Naphtali, Yohanna M Roa, Tamiko Kawata


Curated by Masa Hosojima

2010 in Tokyo 


Self-Coaching Workshop 2010 by Body Arts Laboratory  


 (in English)

 (Documents on Whenever Wherever Festival 2010 in Tokyo) 



Nov. 15, 2020





Review of the show "Traces Of Life" at the Hive Art Community published in Creatrix Magazine, written by Danni Shen. 


Ogawa presented her 'Prosthetic Gestures from the nation called Japan.'

2010 in Tokyo 



Critic : GRID #2010 by Roku Hasegawa in her book Middle Point

                          published in 2011 in Tokyo (in Japanese and English)

Sept 2010 in Tokyo 


Critic :   'arms'  written by  Daisuke Tomita in Sept 2010 in Tokyo (in Japanese)