Minimum Movement Exhibition

 6/3-4/2022 at Umwelt gallery

About this exhibition

Minimum Movement Catalog-Exhibition activates multiple embodied communications through optical/sensory installation, as an iteration of interdisciplinary artist Maho Ogawa's online gestural lexicon, the Minimum Movement Catalog, created in collaboration with computer programmer Katherine Chuang.

The Minimum Movement Catalog project started as research about Ogawa's Japanese-ness through body language, by archiving movements from the West and East, examining the kinetic and symbolic meaning of each movement language.

In Minimum Movement Catalog-Exhibition, audiences will be invited to participate in abstract dialogues using the movement catalog as a communication tool to reveal the power of individuality, humanity, and interpersonal connection through technological and cultural barriers. 

photo by  Alyssa Soethout

Web application work

Minimum Movement Catalog Web app

Web application 

This movement lexicon consists of 89 movement video clips in eight categories, started as research about Ogawa's Japanese-ness through body language, by archiving movements from the West and East, examining the kinetic and symbolic meaning of each movement language.


This movement lexicon is used as a movement notation, teaching method, and as process art.

2021- ongoing Maho Ogawa x Katherine Chuang


Video work

Minimum Movement  Catalog- Immersive

Video work


This 3D video work aims to visualize the culminated movement memory in one's body.




Maho Ogawa

Minimum Movement Catalog-Combination  1, 2, 3, 4

Video + Print work



Maho Ogawa 

Installation works

Choreographic Score Mural -1 (Photo)

Tape, Wall


Maho Ogawa

Center of Gravity - Card (Photo)

6”x 4” Cards


Maho Ogawa

Live demonstrations (full demonstration video 24:32)

Bending - Carolyn Hall, Miles Butler, Maho Ogawa, 5min, 2022 (0:00 in the video)

Dropping - Carolyn Hall, Miles Butler, Maho Ogawa, 6min, 2022 (4:21, 6:21 in the video)

Center of Gravity - Carolyn Hall, Miles Butler, Maho Ogawa + audience, 6min, 2022 (11:11, 14:57 in the video)

Production team

Production Management by jay beardsley

Live demonstration by Miles Butler, Carolyn Hall and Maho Ogawa

Video/ Photo documentation by Alyssa Soethout

Production Support by Kiyou Kamisawa and Ekaterina Petrova

Online catalog creation by Katherine Chuang 

Creative language consultation by Dina Maccabee 

Video/ Installation/ Choreography by Maho Ogawa

Special Thanks to Ron Nicolaysen and Julia Miller 


Maho Ogawa is a Brooklyn-based multidisciplinary movement artist originally from Japan. She uses body movement, instructions, and computer software to discover how relationships and the environment affect individual bodies consciously and subconsciously. Her works have been shown in Asia at Raft (Tokyo), Korea & Japan Dance Festival (Seoul), Za Koenji (Tokyo), Whenever Wherever Dance Festival (Tokyo), Tokyo Culture Creation Project (Tokyo), and at various NY venues including Center for Performance Research, Movement Research at the Judson Church, Domestic Performance Agency, The Hive Art Community, WhiteBox, Snug Harbor Cultural Center, and New York University Grey Gallery. As a performer, she’s been fortunate to work with Athena Kokoronis, Mina Nishimura, Andrea Haenggi, Clarinda Mac Low, Ursula Eagly, and Abigail Levine. She holds an M.F.A. in Performance and Interactive Media Arts from Brooklyn College.


Upcoming performance- 10/7/2022 at Invisible Dog Art Center. 

Artist website: Maho Ogawa


For more information about this exhibition, please contact:

Minimum Movement Catalog Webapp / Instagram

Minimum Movement Catalog -Donation

Artist website: Maho Ogawa

Special Thanks

This exhibition is made possible by individual supporters.

Thank you so much for your love and passion for the arts. 


Charles Masson

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Hiroko Uchida

Masa Hosojima

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Rie Fukuzawa

Athena Kokoronis

Matthew Sullivan

Nami Yamamoto

Annie Wang

Sayaka Watanabe

Laura Neese

Ursula Eagly

Ron Nicolaysen

Yukie Yamamoto

Andrea Haenggi

Mizuho Minamide

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Yanira Castro

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Tomoyuki Kurushima

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