Minimum Movement Catalog project

Minimum Movement Catalog is an online movement lexicon created by interdisciplinary artist Maho Ogawa in collaboration with computer programmer Katherine Chuang.

This movement lexicon consists of 89 movement video clips in eight categories, started as research about Ogawa's Japanese-ness through body language, by archiving movements from the West and East, examining the kinetic and symbolic meaning of each movement language.

This movement lexicon is used as a movement notation in the creative process of Ogawa's video/ live performances, teaching method for movement classes, and shared with the audience/viewers as process art.

Minimum Movement Dialogue by Maho Ogawa  

May 8th, 2021 at Zoom

This is an excerpt of the online performance Minimum Movement Dialogue. This audience interactive performance over zoom was choreographed by using the Minimum Movement Catalog

Performers Miles Butler, Ursula Eagly, Carolyn Hall, Karim Tharani, Maho Ogawa 

Supported by Brooklyn College and Foundation for Contemporary Art  

Minimum Movement  Catalog- combination 1~4

Video work 5min, 2022 


This movement combination is made from the 20 movements from my movement lexicon Minimum Movement Catalog 

You can find the 20 base movements under these numbers in the Minimum Movement Catalog; 1-E-07 2-E-09 3-E-16 4-E-26 5-LH-3 6-LH-4 7-B-13 8-B-19 9-CG-2 10-C-5 11-D-4 12-D-5 13-E-01 14-E-02 15-E-18 16-E-19 17-E-21 18-B-01 19-B-06 20-B-11


 This video was presented at Minimum Movement Catalog Exhibition 6/3,4/2022, and at the White box Gallery (NY) in 10/8~22/2022. 

Minimum Movement  Catalog- Immersive

Video work 6min, 2022 


This 3D video work is made by the Minimum Movement Catalog, aiming to visualize the culminated movement memory in one's body.


 This video was presented at Minimum Movement Catalog Exhibition 6/3,4/2022, and Women on Making show at the Whitebox Gallery in 10/8~22/2022.