• 'MMC' - premiered at Center for Performance Research, NY; 2015

• 'MMD' - premiered at Prof is in the Processor, NY; 2015

• 'Minimum Movement Catalog-lecture' - premiered at Whenever Wherever Festival, Tokyo; 2013

• 'Minimum Movement Catalog - premiered at Cave, New York; 2013

• ‘Behavior patterns for the 23rd century’ - premiered at Tokyo Culture Creation Project, Tokyo; 2013

• ‘200’ - premiered at Raft, Tokyo, Japan; 2012

•'Axis' - premiered at Movement Research, New York;2011

•'GRID 9' - premiered at Dance New Amsterdam Theater; New York; 2012

•‘GRID 2010’ - premiered at Za Koenji ;Tokyo, Japan; 2010

•‘arms’ - premiered at Raft, Tokyo, Japan; 2010

•‘Stand!’ -premiered at d-souko, Tokyo, Japan; 2009

•'Carnival / Curve / Rhythm' - premiered at Ashikaga Museum of Art, Japan; 2009

•'Melt' - premiered at Theater Zerol, Seoul, South Korea; 2008


 [Invited Festivals]

• Spring Movement at the Center for  Performance Research, Brooklyn NY in 2015

• Proof in the Processor, Brooklyn NY in 2015 

• Tiny Dance Festival at The Brick , Brooklyn NY in 2014

• The CURRENT SESSIONS at Wild Project, NY in 2014

• Soak Festival produced by CAVE, Brooklyn, NY in 2013

• Movement Research Festival Spring(collaborate with Athena Kokoronis) in 2013

• Our Decade at Goo,Tokyo in 2012

• The unnamable works#1&#2 at RAFT, Tokyo in 2010 & 2012

• Dance ga Mitai 13 at D-souko in Tokyo in 2011

• Whenever Wherever Dance Festival in Tokyo in 2010 & 2011 & 2013

• Continuous Movement Exploration Project ‘Homage to [a] Life 2007~2010’ at Raft in Tokyo 

• Korea& Japan Dance Festival in Seoul in 2008

[Grant, Commissions]

• New York University Grey Art Gallery, Performance at the exhibition 'For A New World To Come' in 2015

• Tokyo Metropolitan Government Grant in 2013

• Tokyo Culture Creation Project (for Toshima no Furumai) in 2013

• Suginami ward grant recipient in Tokyo in 2010

• Ashikaga Museum of Art, in Tochigi, Japan in 2009


[Workshop Facilitator]

• workshop ‘Creative Movement’ at OMPT, NY in 2015

• workshop ‘Suiso Ogawa workshop’ in Kamakura,Japan in 2014
• workshop ‘Toshima no Furumai’ (Company Furumai) in 2013
• workshop ‘Grid and Everyday Movement’ at Raft; Tokyo, Japan 2012
• workshop ‘Grid with fingers and arms’ at Whenever Wherever Festival’; Tokyo, Japan 2011

•workshop ‘Grid on Grid’ at Whenever Wherever Festival’; Tokyo, Japan 2010,



• Lemay-Cave Black Stdio Resident in Brooklyn, NY from 2012-2013


[Articles / Publications]

• Minimum Movement Catalog, online magazine ' connectom ',NY,  2012

• Self Coaching workshop, Body Ard Laboratory, Tokyo, 2010  

• Interview  'Create to Learn Something'  , RP by Shinta Raiju in Tokyo, 2010 

2012 Nov.25

-小川水素 11月25日ソロダンス[10 Movements]パフォーマンス

  [ 10 Movements ]  Nov. 25th 2012,

       ~ Studio GOO 10th Anniversary event ' OUR DECADE'  

   Choreographed and performed  by Suiso Ogawa 


   ご来場頂きました皆様 ほんとうにありがとうございました。

     Studio Goo 'OUR DECADE'  11/25 6PM~ @STUDIO GOO




 The unnamable works at RAFT

名づけることのできない仕事 #2



19:30~ (開場30分前)

小川水素Co. × 安野太郎 × 山崎阿弥


At : RAFT, Tokyo 中野区中野1-4-4 1階






Choreography by Suiso Ogawa

Dancers- Madelyn Bullard, Kay Ottinger, Mei Yamanaka, Ana Romero, Suiso Ogawa

March 8th 8pm



 --Open Performance @Movement Research-----------

March 7th 8pm 

Choreography by Suiso Ogawa

Dancers- Madelyn Bullard, Kay Ottinger, Mei Yamanaka, Ana Romero, Suiso Ogawa



--[GRID 9]-----------------------------

February  26th 3pm&7pm  @Dance New Amsterdam Theater 

 Choreography by Suiso Ogawa

 Dancers- Madelyn Bullard, Kay Ottinger, Suiso Ogawa 



[GRID 8]

January 27th @Dance New Amsterdam Theater

Choreography by Suiso Ogawa

Dancers Madelyn Bullard, Kay Ottinger, Suiso Ogawa

2011.11.19. 8pm


Nov.19th 8pm

@Everbrite Mercantile Co. →351 Van Brunt St. Brooklyn, NY 11231

Suiso Ogawa Co.

Choreographed by Suiso Ogawa

Performed by Madelyn Bullard, Kay Ottinger, Suiso Ogawa



[In Profile]

Conceived &Performed by Suiso Ogawa


'i only had one ...' dance event curated by Diane Tomasi

 @Everbrite Mercantile Co. 



  2011年 8/12日(金)19:30〜  

   水素Co. 新作 ”ground" 






 場所:日暮里d-倉庫  日暮里駅徒歩7分 

 チケット:前売り¥2300(学生¥2000) 当日¥2800(学生¥2500)




w.w.fes [GRID with fingers and arms]



中野にぎわいフェスタ[Homage to [a] Life 2011]



 [ Homage to [a] Life 2010-2 ](@studio GOO








12月13日「銭湯STUDYS」(@西荻窪 天狗湯)


小川水素ソロ作品 無事終了いたしました。



日本舞踊 人形浄瑠璃「伊達娘恋緋鹿子」ダンス編 [restriction](シアターカイ)




水素Co. 出演「 名づけることのできない仕事#1」(@RAFT)



小川水素Co.+ワークショップ生 [GRID on GRID] Site Specific Dance(@ASAHI SQUARE) 無事終了いたしました。

[Homage to [a] Life]

2007〜2010まではHomage to [a] Life として活動を行う。

[Homage to [a] Life]








2008年 8/29〜31 東中野RAFT: Homage to [a] Life 2008

2008年 11/28〜30 RAFT :Homage to [a] Life 2008-2

2009年 3月     RAFT :Homage to [a] Life -3 

2009年 9月日暮里d-倉庫にて「Stand!」上演+w.s.

2010年 4月座・高円寺にて「GRID」上演+w.s.

2010年 7月4日 When Where Festival にてsite specific dance [GRID on GRID]上演


2010年 12月21日 studio GOOにて Homage to [a] Life 2010-2 上演