Performance in November and December 2023 in NY 


Maho is working as one of the Associated Artists at the Culture Push for 2023 and beyond. 


She questions these themes through researching, conversations, and creating with Culture Push. 


What is participation in the context of performance?

What is the space between ritual and performance?

What does the tea ceremony mean now as an art form and a ritual?

Differences and similarities between private and public in Japanese and other cultures

Rediscovering Asian culture in the US and Reclaiming the complexity of cultural influence, etc. etc. 


Mountain Range Dance Week(Yamanami Dance Week) 




at Akiyoshidai international art village  in Yamaguchi, Japan.



Maho gave workshops and presentation on Minimum Movement Catalog at the Yamanami Dance Week.


Yamanami Dance Week Artists:


Richi Owaki, Kyoko Ifuku, Rick Yamakawa, Kartika Menon, Mitsuru Tokisato, Megumi Kamimura, Mari Fukutome, Maho Ogawa

Final presentation performed by Megumi Kamimura, 
collaboration by Mari Fukutome, Megumi Kamimura, Maho Ogawa, and audience members




Produced by Loading Elephant

Photo by Nahoko Morimoto


As part of the Culture Push  Show Don't Tell Symposium, in Reaching Out, Binding Together, three presentations explore how we connect to each other and the world, and how and when we hold on and let go.

6/18/2023 Free with RSVP  RSVP
Venue at CPR (361 Manhattan Avenue)

Maho Ogawa: Japanese Tea and Ritual Room
Performances 5 P.M. and 7:30 P.M.
Installation on view 5–8 P.M.

Tara Aliya Kesavan, Indranil Choudhury and Aditi Dey:Bengali Urban Gardening Oral Soundscape
Installation on view 5–8 P.M.

Emily Bass: The Dendron Project
Performance and workshop 6 P.M.
Interactive exhibit open 5-8 P.M.

The Japanese Tea and Ritual Room is a presentation by Maho Ogawa that takes the form of an interactive performance installation which connects Japanese Tea Ceremony, Zen meditation, and personal ritual and aims to help people find peace through the custom and philosophy of Tea Rituals. Periodic activations performed by Ogawa with Annie Wang. The layering of personal ritual is made through collaboration with the general public through a survey about personal rituals conducted at different times of day. Members of the public are invited to join in person and to participate by filling out the Japanese Tea and Ritual Room Questionnaire.

















Performance Mix Festival Vol.37 on June 9, 2023 at 8am at Abrons Art Center Experimental Theater.


Festival Details are Here  / Maho's program info is here  / Purchase tickets from here 

Cleaning as act of Care 大掃除という名のパフォーマンスリチュアル

Please join our [Emptying Ritual] 

12/16/2022 at 7:30 pm (EST) 日本時間17日朝9時at DPA @d_media_p_mom_a live and, Sake to follow at DPA,


Inspired by the Japanese custom of end-of-year cleaning, we'll find tangible and intangible things we don't necessarily need anymore and clear them together.

It's a celebration of our changing moments and emptying space for the new journey.

It’s a cleaning ritual, so if you wish, clean your desired space with us via Instagram live while we perform the cleaning ritual. Also, it’ll be nice to imagine what you wish to release at the end of 2022 (creating your “emptying wishlist”), instead of wanting something as usual wishlist.


We invite you at DPA, garden level (dm me for the address) or DPA Instagram @d_media_p_mom_a

Women on MAKING 10/3-23/2022


Yohanna M. Roa, “Textile Woman” – October 8th @ 7PM

Dafna Naphtali + Maho Ogawa Live Performance – October 8th @ 7:45PM

Linda Mary Montano Art Counseling Event – October 21st @ 3-6PM

Public Panel Discussion Moderated by Masa Hosojima ; Followed by a Garden Chicken Dance by Linda Mary Montano- October 22nd @ 5PM

 Artists: Linda Mary Montano, Dafna Naphtali, Yohanna M. Roa, Zorica Colic, Kim Connerton, Tamiko Kawata, Wendy Miller, Maho Ogawa

Curated by:Masa Hosojima


The Minimum Movement Catalog Exhibition:  


June 3rd Friday 2022

gallery open 2:30-8pm

live demonstration at 3pm and 7pm


June 4th Saturday 2022

gallery open  3-7pm

live demonstration at 4pm 


Venue : Umwelt Gallery 15 Ingraham Street, Brooklyn, 

Exhibition catalog: catalog

PSVP: minimum movement catalog exhibition

I.G.:Minimum Movement Catalog

Donation: Helpminimummovementcatalog

Upcoming performances in Dec:



Maho is participating in a dance festival Whenever Wherever Festival 2021 in Tokyo for: 

 Upcoming performances in Nov : 


Maho is performing for

  • rehearsing / workshopping for Mina Nishimura for her commissioned work at Danspace for 2022 Fall season.


Minimum Movement Dialogue Series will come out soon with a new viewing setting for a limited audience members. More info to come. 


Maho is Performing for Sunk Shore on October 17th,


Walking tour at 2pm


Performance at 3pm


Free with register / event details= Click here 

10/9  Porch Plays Festival  


We're performing an excerpt from Minimum Movement Dialogue #1 at Porch Plays Festival at Snug Harbor Cultural Center. 


WHEN: Saturday, October 9 | 11:00 AM – 6:00 PM

Rain date: Saturday, October 16, 11:00 AM – 6:00 PM

WHERE: Performances take place at Cottage C on Cottage Row

Festival takes place along Cottage Row

ADMISSION: Free! | Registration requested here


7/31/2021 Works on Water Triennial



12:00pm - 9:00pm: Exhibition of Artworks + Open Studios in and around the WoWhaus 

1:00pm: Unrolling of the Estuarial Council of the Weeds with andrea haenggi

2:00pm: Artist Talk with Perrin Ireland 

3:00pm Audio Score: : Tidewater Studies with Tyler Rai

4:30pm Performance: Overflows + Disruptions: Soundings with moira williams

5:30pm Performance: : Tidewater Studies with Tyler Rai

9:00pm Film Screening: Tidewater Studies with Tyler Rai


 Maho is performing on Andrea Haenggi's the Estuarial Council of the Weeds Hand Roll for Works on Water Triennial at Governors Island on 7/31.

 White Noise IV

Curated by Juan Puntes with Katherine Liberovskaya


July 9-11 & July 23-24



Sound Installations viewable from 12PM Noon – 7PM

See here For Live Performance Schedule

* 7/24 7:30-Hans Tammen,

            8:30-Masa Hosojima&Maho Ogawa


Participating Artists: Tom Chiu, Neil Leonard, Dan Joseph, Phill Niblock, Katherine Liberovskaya, Matt Sullivan, Beatrice Antonie Martino, Masa Hosojima, Maho Ogawa, Michael Schumacher, Zorica Čolić, Dafna Naphtali, Chuck Bettis, & Hans Tammen


RSVP at or on Facebook

COVID Regulation: Masks required and provided.


7/21/2021 at 7:30pm

Re:Live Performance Lab curated by Kathie Halfin and Fang Yu Liu at Satellite Art Club (916 Fulton St, Brooklyn) with Oya Damla, Butch Merigoni, Ronit Leving Delago, and Maho Ogawa

6/23/2021 at 7:30pm

Re: Live Performance Lab! curated by Kathie Halfin and Fang Yu Liu at Satellite Art Club (916 Fulton St, Brooklyn) with Jana Astanov, Maho Ogawa, Ariel Kleinberg, Glenn Potter-Takata 

Minimum Movement Dialogue by Maho Ogawa

May 8th at 4pm, 2021

Online location to be announced in April.


I am pleased to announce my movement exhibition Minimum Movement Dialogue - focusing on the process of movement language to understand cultures beyond ideological / aesthetic differences in body movement.


The presentation is a hybrid performance of online movement catalog and a live-streamed performance by four dancers on May 8th. 



Miles Butler, Ursula Eagly, Carolyn Hall , Karim Tharani, Maho Ogawa 


Web app collaboration for ‘Minimum Movement Catalog’

Katherine Chuang 



Please get your ticket HERE


Ogawa is collaborating in the exhibition 



WhiteBox Harlem @ El Barrio’s Artspace PS109

215 E 99 St, New York, NY 10029

Curated by Masa Hosojima, Organized by Kyoko Sato 


Participating artists: Kenichi Kanazawa, Ken Ikeda, Rie Nakajima, Takahiro Kawaguchi, Masa Hosojima

Performance collaboration on 4/24/2021: Elliott Sharp, Matt Sullivan, Maho Ogawa, Beatrice Antonie Martino 

Masks required. RSVP to

[Minimum Movement Catalog]のパフォーマンス映像がNYのギャラリーWhiteBox にて12/6まで展示中です。


EXODUS V Aesthetics in the Political 

「エクソドスV 歴史のうねりの中で」展

curated by Kyoko Sato, WhiteBox Harlem, 2020(キュレーター佐藤恭子、ホワイトボックス ・ハーレム、2020年)


November 14 – December 6, 2020 | Tue – Sun, 12-6pm


Participating Artists:

Asako Iwasawa, Aya Uekawa, Chié Shimizu, Junko Yoda, Kayoko Nakamura, Kazuko Miyamoto, Keiko Miyamori, Kunié Sugiura, Kyoko Hamaguchi, Maho Ogawa, Minako Iwamura, Momoyo Torimitsu, Noriko Shinohara, Sachigusa Yasuda, Tamiko Kawata, Yoko Toda, Yukari Edamitsu

[Prosthetic Gestures (from the nation called Japan)]


[Prosthetic Gestures (from the nation called Japan)] will be presented at "Traces of Life" from 10/17 - 11/16


Opening: Oct 17th, 6:30-9 pm


The Hive Art Community, 1218 Prospect Ave, Brooklyn


The exhibition “Traces Of Life” invites artists from different disciplines including performances, visual art, video art, archival projects. Cultural producers use the language of art as an entry point to respond to the themes of data justice, creative and subversive use of technology, and the multilayered nature of data.

Performing in Alvin Lucier's music, performed by Charles Curtis and Abigail Levine at Issue Project Room.

I’m performing in Abigail Levine’s choreography for Alvin Lucier’s beautiful music work at ISSUE PROJECT ROOM. 

This will be a great evening.


Alvin Lucier: Orpheus Variations & Glacier Performed by Charles Curtis, Abigail Levine, Dancers & Wind Ensemble

If you scroll down, you’ll find my name&bio as one of the performers.

Movement WOrkshop in Tokyo in winter

I gave a movement workshop in Tokyo using my method and Viewpoint method on 1/14/2020.  

Performance and Interactive media art at Brooklyn College

I had a final presentation for the fall semester 2019 at Brooklyn College on 12/16/2019.

writer in residence for Kota & Mina at Mount Tremper Art

I worked as a writer in residence/ dramaturgy for Kota Yamazaki and Mina Nishimura at Mount Tremper Art in August 2019 

Lift Off Residency Program in NY

Minimum Movement Catalog work in progress showing at Lift Off residency program showing in July 2019.

Minimum Movement Catalog work in progress showing



Minimum Movement Catalog

 work in progress showing   # 14 


At Domestic Performance Agency 

567 Carlton Avenue. Brooklyn 11238



7/20 / 2018 

Starting time will be announced soon. 



Performing for Abigail Levine  "Restaging No.2:Of SERRA (TO MOVEMENT)

Restagings # 2: Of Serra (to movement) at Fridman Gallery

Of Serra (to movement) begins with the forms of Richard Serra’s iconic Prop pieces and performs a substitution of materials—from steel forms to human bodies. Sound design by Paula Matthusen. With performers Maho Ogawa and Vitche-Boul Ra.


Monday-Thursday, June 11-14, 2018 4-7p (Maho performs on 11th from 5-7pm and on 12th from 4-5pm and 6-7pm)

Closing reception June 14, 7p


Fridman Gallery 287 Spring Street, NYC

Abigail Levine 


Performing for Athena Kokoronis at Dance and Process


Maho Ogawa performs in Athena Kokoronis's work with wonderful artists on June 9 2018 at Dance and Process at The Kitchen



 This event features new works and is the culmination of a ten-week group process of sharing work and feedback. Facilitated by Moriah Evans and Yve Laris Cohen, and featuring work by Lauren BakstNIC KayAthena Kokoronis, and Angie Pittman

Initiated in 1995, Dance and Process is The Kitchen's longest running series. Dance and Process stages an interrogation of methods of choreographic and dance practice, whereby artists challenge default structures in their own work and the field at large.

June 8, 8pm: Lauren Bakst and NIC Kay
June 9, 6pm: Athena Kokoronis and Angie Pittman

Tickets: $15 General ($12 for Members) for a single performance. $20 for both.

On the afternoon of June 9, between 3 and 6pm, join Athena Kokoronis of Domestic Performance Agency and guests for cooking, food sampling, and shopping from an array of Domestic Performance Agency items including the launch of DPA's first cookbook published in collaboration with Yonkers International Press. FREE.

performance at Movement Research at the Judson Church, NY


[ Minimum Movement Catalog #13 ]
                           at Movement Research at the Judson Church 
Choreography & Movement performance by Maho Ogawa
Dramaturgy by Erika Choe
Starting in 2013, Minimum Movement Catalog ( currently consists of 83 movement instructions, an ongoing study that archives the simplest movements of the human body and compares them in different media and structures. This movement-based research aims to reveal clarity in mechanisms and systems of body movements with the goal of finding objective methods of executing movement. 


Date: 4/23 Monday at 8pm 
Place: Judson Memorial Church: 55 Washington Square S New York, NY 10012 
Event Details: Movement Research at the Judson Church
Free admission

performing for Mina Nishimura at Danspace project

Mina Nishimura:

Bladder Inn (and X, Y, Z, W) 


2/1~3/ 2018 at Danspace Project 


Performed by Mina Nishimura with Martita Abril, Jonathan Burkland, Lydia Chrisman, Samuel Hanson, Maho Ogawa, Ilana Stuelpner, and Niko Tsocanos

Music Composed by Masahiro Sugaya

Lighting Design by Kathy Kaufmann

Costumes by Kota Yamazaki

performance at crossing boundaries at dixon place, ny

*11/28 Tuesday at 7:30pm

"Minimum Movement Catalog 2017-2"  by Maho Ogawa in collaboration with Erika Choe
I’m sharing my newest installment of my ongoing study "Minimum Movement Catalog" inviting a graphic designer Erika Choe as a collaborator. Erika and I are seeking a new way to express human body’s movement in graphic design and the actual movements. The process has been very exciting and this project is kind of a dream come true to me since I was fantasizing to collaborate with other media using my movement database Minimum Movement Catalog. Erika seems perfect for this setting. I hope you can come to witness our process. 


suiso co. performs at psoh

 朝起きてすぐ動きを一つづつ足していく方法で作った振り付けをベースに、継続中の作品Minimum Movement Catalog をお客さんに引いてもらって合体させていく作品です。共演するほかの振付家さんも面白い方達で上映後はアフタートークもあります。

February 28 at 8pm 2017
361 Manhattan Avenue, Brooklyn

Performance Studio Open House presents works-in-progress and a discussion with the artists about the development process for new movement and dance.

PSOH: February features work by Ayano Elson, Maho Suiso Ogawa (pictured), and Kristopher K.Q. Pourzal.

Post-showing discussion moderated by Jen McGinn.

Maho ogawa at dpa

ブルックリンにある、Domestic Performance Agency(DPA) という、" パフォーマンスがどう日常に存在しうるか " という実験をするためのスタジオにて、NYで初めてのフルイブニングイベントを行うことになりました。DPAについては、発起人であるAthenaとMovement Research が行ったインタビューに詳しく載っていますのでこちらをご参照ください。私は6月からDPAにて創作活動を行っていまして、この場所や環境にインスパイアされ、以前の作品にない要素を色々と試みています。


At the next performance happening at the DPA, Maho Suiso Ogawa will present her choreographic material, “The Way of Drinking Hot Water”. In “The Way of Drinking Hot Water” Suiso will pull together elements of ritual and sensorial textures to accompany her usage of the Minimum Movement Catalog. Minimum Movement Catalog is a database of 112 movements which Suiso has created and continues to compile through the years. In it, she notes the fine or hard to see movement components within a larger gesture. Hope you will join us for one of these shows.                  




The Way of Drinking Hot Water 2016

November 16 1pm Doors open at 12:45  

November 17&18 8pm Doors open 7:45 

Admission $5-30 donation

RSVP ( 8 seats per showing) :


Domestic Performance Agency 

567 Carlton Avenue. Brooklyn 11238


Maho "Suiso" Ogawa is a New York based movement artist originally from Japan. 


After studying ballet, traditional Japanese dance, Butoh, and graduating from Wako University, She came to the U.S. in 2011. Her works have been shown in various venues in Tokyo, Seoul, and New York: Raft in Tokyo, Korea & Japan Dance Festival in Seoul, Whenever Wherever Festival in Tokyo,  Za Koenji in Tokyo, Dance New Amsterdam Theater in NY, Soak Festival at Cave in NY, The CURRENT SESSIONS at Wild Project in NY, Spring Movement at the Center for Performance Research in NY, New York University Grey Gallery in NY. She’s given many choreography workshops with performance residencies. Ogawa’s work was presented by the Whenever Wherever Dance Festival in 2010, 2011 & 2013 in Tokyo. For example, the work “GRID on GRID” (2010) was presented on the stairs in front of Asahi Art Square building in Tokyo, and  “Grid with fingers and arms” (2011) was live streamed over the internet as well as performed at Morishita Studio in Tokyo.  In 2013 the Tokyo Culture Creation Project invited her to research and create a piece about the human body’s behavior. The work, “Behavior Patterns for the 23rd Century”, supported by a Tokyo Metropolitan Government grant, was composed of people’s subconscious movement patterns in daily life. Her movement database “Minimum Movement Catalog(MMC)” was published in an on-line magazine “Conectom”, published by LEIMAY in 2013, and its theater version was presented at the Soak Festival(NY), The CURRENT SESSIONS(NY), Spring Movement(NY), and Whenever Wherever Dance Festival(Tokyo).

Ogawa is performing in the exhibition FOR A NEW WORLD TO COME at Grey Art Gallery NYU.

Grey Art Gallery, New York University


100 Washington Square East

Tuesday, October 20, 6:30 pm 2015

Gallery Conversation and Performance

With Kunié Sugiura, artist in the exhibition; Suiso Ogawa, dancer and choreographer; and Pato Hebert, associate arts professor of Art & Public Policy, NYU.


Offered in conjunction with the exhibition For a New World to Come: Experiments in Japanese Art and Photography, 1968–1979, presented in New York City in two parts:

at the Grey Art Gallery, New York University (September 10–December 7, 2015)

and Japan Society Gallery (October 9, 2015–January 10, 2016). 

For more information on the exhibition, 

Grey Art Gallery, NYU:,, 212/998-6780

teaching 'Creative Movement W.S.' in Japanese at  OMPTNY.


Introduction to Creative Movement
             ~ liberate your sensation through Body Movements~
This Creative Movement Workshop aims to communicate with you and your body, other people, and the environments around you (floor, space, time, etc) through physical contact, without speaking. It’s a form of nonverbal communication.
By setting aside judging and anticipation, allow your mind to relax and listen what your body feels, following your body’s inner voice. It’s not a dance method nor a sport, purely for enjoying movements itself through moving freely and communicating with others through movements. By enjoying what your body feels you’ll find your center or core of yourself, and at the same time feel purified and released. No dance or sports experience required.



'MMC -Duet'  

at Hatch series

May 2nd Saturday at 8pm 2015


Choreographer: Maho Suiso Ogawa

Dancers: Laura Neese, Maho Suiso Ogawa

Venue: The Works Studio - 131 West 24th street, 4th floor (between 6th and 7th ave), New York, NY, 10011

Tickets : $15 at the door or as a donation made online at 



Spring Movement @ CPR on April 16th at 7:30pm, 2015


CPR – Center for Performance Research will present Spring Movement, a three-night festival of works by 12 emerging and established choreographers in dance and performance, April 16-18, 2015 at 7:30pm. The festival will include new and previously presented work that spans dance, movement-based work, and performance art. Each evening will feature four different artists performing under CPR’s brand new state of the art LED theatrical lighting system, procured on CPR’s behalf through the generous support of New York City’s Department of Cultural Affairs and the Mertz Gilmore Foundation. CPR is thrilled to announce the participating artists for Spring Movement 2015:


 April 16th 7:30pm 

tickets :

venue : Center for Performance Research (CPR)

361 Manhattan Avenue  Unit 1, Brooklyn, New York 11211

Thursday April 16:

Maho Ogawa – MMC duet
Julia Crockett & Group– Tiny Parties
Sally O'Neill and Tuva Hildebrand – That Disgusting Thing Called Intimacy
Stephanie Liapis – The Building of a Sphere

The Proof Is In The Processor - A Night of Information Theory - 
On Jan 16th 8pm @ Industry City Distillery

MMC(Minimum Movement Catalog) をKinect という機械とコラボした作品を発表します。
詳しくは for more info → info

チケットはこちら→ Ticket

[Minimum Movement Catalog] 

~words, movements, videos for discovering new ways of communication. ~
Performed and Choreographed by Maho Ogawa

Dec. 5th Friday at 7pm
Dec. 6th Saturday at 9pm
Tickets :

— at The Brick. (579 Metropolitan Ave, Brooklyn NY)

Siiso-Maho Movement Workshop in Kamakura, Japan on Aug 3 2014.


「GYROTONIC® KAMAKURA」5周年イベントのお知らせです。

午前はニューヨークでアーティストとして活動しているSuiso-Maho Ogawaさんをお迎えしての「らせんでつながるワークショップ」。

When : Aug 3rd 2014 - 10:30~12:30

AT :  Oomachi Kaikan 大町会館


FEE : ¥3000

Reservation & More info:

[The Soldier's Tale]  May 26th Monday 2014


[Fertile Ground dance festival]


Date-April 27th Sunday at 7pm.

Venue- GREEN SPACE 37-24 24th st 301 Long Island City NY



a NYC-based dance organization + presenting series



Friday // March 7, 2014 at 730p

Sunday // March 9, 2014 at 3p w/ TALKBACK



wild project, 195 E 3rd St (between Ave A + B)

Join the Facebook Event at:




$20 General ($15 presale online until Wednesday, March 5);

$30 Double Feature Sunday

$15 Student/Senior/East Village Residents* (with valid ID; *at the door only).




More info:


Grid with fingers and arms 2011
Grid with fingers and arms 2011